Gnora Flamecrest is sometimes prone to slipping into abyssal – particularly when filled with a strong emotion such as fear or anger.

mboobt ek Eeaatesdae: Sons of Yeenoghu. A common curse. Gnora shuns the demon Butcher and those who follow him.

Oo paemg booll!: I must kill! Gnora continually fights against her baser instincts but sometimes the desire to kill is difficult to restrain.

Pooee eeeae dootsa gda koonmg goomga ek gda mbee boomb’m boll: May you have first taste of the sky pack’s kill. Dead are usually considered food for gnolls, including Gnora. However, she pays this respect to the few who earn it.

Ba mepa ge booll! Ba mepa ge daetg! Maennatgan ge mloobm ootg gaagd. Maennatgan ge gda boomb: We come to kill! We come to hunt! Surrender to claws and teeth! Surrender to the pack!

Gooa! Gooa bnaee! Kooma gda gaagd ek gda toosdg! Kooma gda gaagd ek gda goonb. Kooma gda mloobm gdoog booll bnatmd eeeae oot gbe!: Die! Die prey! Face the teeth of the night! Face the teeth of the dark. Face the claws that will wrench you in two!


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